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Ocean Marine Cargo Claims Automation.

AI-powered claim automation for ocean marine cargo and maritime claims.

Revolutionize Cargo Claims

Eqlaim offers a simple, game-changing solution to insurance carriers, logistic service providers, ocean carriers, insurance brokers, insured individuals with SIR, and claims service providers.

Simplify Claims

Get lightning-fast settlement values per claim in under five minutes for high-frequency, low-severity marine insurance cargo claims. Save time, headaches, and reduce leakage.

Streamline Appraisals & Data Verification

File and track your claim online. Our data-driven AI will extract information, process data validations and query AIS systems to verify data.

We do the heavy lifting for you


Initiate claim: provide a little context.


Upload documents: COI, BOl and Commercial invoice.


Eqlaim handles the rest: validation, accuracy, AIS query, and reporting settlement value.

Get reliable and actionable claims data

We know losses can be stressful and disruptive, so we're dedicated to minimizing their impact and helping accelerate the review process before settlement.